Space 44 Present: Teens On Acid Exhibition

Josh Thorsen is a child of the eighties. His personal art work is heavily influenced by 80’s cartoons, skateboarding culture, comics and anime. His art explodes with bold color pallettes, giving life to goonish characters and the world in which they were created, leaving the viewer experiencing nothing short of an LSD flashback. Over time, Josh’s work has matured and become more refined using simpler but just as bold color pallettes and a much cleaner, individual line style.

Consitently producing original, inspiring work, he has firmly cemented his position within the Australian lowbrow art and street culture scene. Regularly invited to participate in live paint installations, curated solo and group shows worldwide, Josh has collaborated with some of Australia’s leading streetwear labels, stores and artists to develop clothing ranges and interior installations including Mambo, Laced Sneaker Culture, Shock Mansion, Scribe Outlined, Sneak & Destroy, TRNRS and has also been featured in publications including TBC Mag, Semi Permanent (Aus), We Are The Image Makers, World Wide Designers (France) Peak Street Magazine, Colorink (USA), Libertine and Out4Fame.

Truly an all rounder, able to execute from concept to production on digital and traditional projects ranging from branding and identity to hand painted murals and installations.

Josh will be exhibiting a melting pot of Eastern & Western culture through his cartoon and comic culture inspired illustrations, as Part 2 of his Erotic Note series titled Guro.